FORTINET FortiWiFi-60F 1YR FortiGuard Advanced Malware Protection License (AMP) (FC-10-W060F-100-02-12)

FORTINET FortiWiFi-60F 1YR FortiGuard Advanced Malware Protection License (AMP) (FC-10-W060F-100-02-12)

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FORTINET FortiWiFi-60F 1 Year FortiGuard Advanced Malware Protection License (AMP) (FC-10-W060F-100-02-12)
Advanced Malware Protection combines our award winning Antivirus service with our FortiSandbox Cloud service into one offering, providing robust core protection capabilities against today’s sophisticated attacks, providing protection against known threats and unknown threats.
This new service offering includes the following services: Antivirus, Botnet IP/Domain Security, Mobile Security, FortiSandbox Cloud, Virus Outbreak Protection, and Content Disarm & Reconstruction.
The new leading-edge protection service protects and defends customers against today’s complex and dynamic threat environment.
Part Number: FC-10-W060F-100-02-12


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Overview:FORTINET FortiWiFi-60F 1YR FortiGuard Advanced Malware Protection License (AMP) (FC-10-W060F-100-02-12)FortiCare Support Services OverviewWe know that the Fortinet Security Fabric is critical to your business, so we at Fortinet are dedicated to ensuring your deployment is successful and helping you achieve business continuity. FortiCare Services are tailored to meet your deployment and operations needs, no matter your organization?s size or where you are in the world.Device FortiCareFortiCare device-based support is the foundation of the support services, providing firmware updates, technical support, and foundational FortiGuard subscriptions for dynamic policies. Two levels are available: 24×7 and Advanced Support Engineer (ASE). ASE provides higher ticket servicing for faster starts and ticket resolution.Account-Based ServicesThese Advanced Services compliment Device FortiCare by providing a designated support engineer and logistics support, alongside training and flexible service points. Our team learns about your processes and deployment and shares knowledge, resulting in better operations and faster recoveries.Professional ServicesWe know that you want to get started quickly, and sometimes just need some extra resources. Fortinet Professional Services brings technical experts into your project, staffing, or other initiative planning whether remote or on-site.Premium RMAPlanning for hardware faults can be difficult, and Fortinet has some options to help. When space is tight, plan on four-hour parts delivery. When you need help with a physical swap, choose four-hour parts with an engineer. We also have Secure RMA when you want to self-dispose.


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