SonicWall HA Conversion License to Standalone Unit for TZ470 (02-SSC-8054)

SonicWall HA Conversion License to Standalone Unit for TZ470 (02-SSC-8054)

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Converts HA unit to the basic standalone appliance without services
High Availability allows two identical SonicWall security appliances running SonicOS Enhanced to be configured to provide a reliable, continuous connection to the public Internet.
One SonicWall device is configured as the Primary unit, and an identical SonicWall device is configured as the Backup unit. In the event of the failure of the Primary SonicWall, the Backup SonicWall takes over to secure a reliable connection between the protected network and the Internet. Two appliances configured in this way are also known as a High Availability Pair (HA Pair).
High Availability provides a way to share SonicWall licenses between two SonicWall security appliances when one is acting as a high availability system for the other. To use this feature, you must register the SonicWall appliances on MySonicWall as Associated Products. Both appliances must be the same SonicWall model.
Cost-effectiveness?? High Availability is a cost-effective option for deployments that provide high availability by using redundant SonicWall security appliances. You do not need to purchase a second set of licenses for the Backup unit in a High Availability Pair.


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OverviewSonicWall HA Conversion License to Standalone Unit for TZ470 (02-SSC-8054)GeneralHigh Availability requires one SonicWall device configured as the Primary SonicWall, and an identical SonicWall device configured as the Backup SonicWall. During normal operation, the Primary SonicWall is in an Active state and the Backup SonicWall in an Idle state. If the Primary device loses connectivity, the Backup SonicWall transitions to Active mode and assumes the configuration and role of Primary, including the interface IP addresses of the configured interfaces.After a failover to the Backup appliance, all the pre-existing network connections must be re-established, including the VPN tunnels that must be re-negotiated.The failover applies to loss of functionality or network-layer connectivity on the Primary SonicWall. The failover to the Backup SonicWall occurs when critical services are affected, physical (or logical) link failure is detected on monitored interfaces, or when the Primary SonicWall loses power. The Primary and Backup SonicWall devices are currently only capable of performing Active/Idle High Availability or Active/Active UTM ? complete Active/Active high availability is not supported at present.Benefits




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